(All Subjects, All grades)

Students will use the same binder for every class; the tabs will separate the classes. 


Tax Free Days are July 21 – July 23, 2017 according to


3 Inch Binder

8 Tab Dividers (with pockets would be beneficial) – Labels for the dividers will depend on the student’s schedule; Label one for each class. The first tab will be used for school information to go home (report cards, progress reports, letters from teachers, etc.)

College Rule paper


Blue or Black Ink pens

Sticky Notes (3x3)

Pencil Pouch to fit in binder

Tissues – Students with last names A – H (Give to Homeroom teacher)

Hand Sanitizer – Students with last names I – P (Give to Homeroom teacher)

Clorox Wipes – Students with last names Q – Z (Give to Homeroom teacher)

GRADES 7 and 8 MATH – 4 function calculator (Calculator function on cell phone will not be allowed.)

ALGEBRA I – Scientific Calculator (Casio or Texas Instruments, preferred)

ALGEBRA I – Graph Paper


NOTE: There may be projects throughout the year which require additional supplies



Colored pencils


3 x 5 notecards

Glue Stick or tape

Hand held pencil sharpener

White out (tape style)


Additional Information: Some classes may require additional materials or fees not listed.

Career preparedness - $20 Donation

Computer Classes - $20 Fee