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ACT & ACT Prep Info

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WSCC Preparing for ACT -  If interested, please contact: LaDonna Allen (256) 352-8071

Preparing for the ACT study booklet - You can download the ACT study booklet "Preparing for the ACT" by clicking on "Form" at the top of the page which will allow you to download the booklet!

ACT Prep Course at WSCC - Online course, six weeks, for dates go to 

ACT Test Preparation and Consulting - Contact Faye Nichols or Linda Crutcher at (205) 823-2166 or      Registration Online: 

ACT Additional Score Report Requests - Official ACT scores must be requested from ACT online at or by phone at 319-337-1313 Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm central time. A service fee of $13 will be charged. Payment must be by a valid credit card. Once you submit a request by any method, it cannot be changed or canceled. Scores are not given to anyone by phone, fax, or email. ACT scores are not considered official unless sent by ACT.

ACT - Need to register to take the ACT? Visit: to register and create your ACT web account. New to the ACT registration: anyone registering to take the ACT must upload a photo. ACT Web Registration fillers and Preparing for the ACT booklets can be picked up in Mrs. Gibbs' office.  Oneonta High School Code: 012-040

ACT Prep - For dates visit: Wallace State Community College offers a 6-week online course.

ACT Prep Class - Classes are being held for the October Testing date. The cost is $225.00. If interested, please give Terri Hubauer a call at 205-446-0054 or email at

Free SAT, ACT, and GRE Preps - Go to

AllPencilsDown ACT Course - Contact Now: George Mizzell 205-837-4695 Fax 205-823-5607 Laura McDanal 205-296-1255 Fax 205-823-5607 

ACT/SAT Online Preparation Course - “This course will prepare students to excel in all sections of the undergraduate college entrance exams and provide students with the means to achieve their best potential score. To learn more, visit Fee $79.”

ACT Test Scores 
If you need an official ACT test score or scores sent to your high school or college(s), go to to complete your request. Have a debit or credit card ready to cover a small fee.

ACT College and Career Planning - is targeted to young adults, ages 15-25, with tools and tips to help in college and career planning.


Wallace State uses ACCUPLACER® to place students into the correct math and English classes. This test is not for a grade, nor does it go on your academic transcript. The test includes two parts: Next Generation Writing and Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics. ACCUPLACER is administered on a computer and the test is not timed.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I have to take ACCUPLACER?

We want our students to be successful, and correct course placement is foundational to a successful college experience. ACCUPLACER places students into the correct English and math class. Without it, students could enroll in a class containing content that has already been mastered. Conversely, without the test, students could enroll in a class containing content for which they may not be ready.

How can I prepare for the Assessment?  
Visit this website:

Where do I go to take the ACCUPLACER?  
The testing center is located on the 9th floor of the Bailey Building, Room 902.

When can I take the ACCUPLACER?  

Monday – Thursday 7:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Friday 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

*Appointments are strongly encouraged. Please call 256.352.8248 to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer evening and weekend testing?

Yes, evening and Saturday appointments can be made upon request. Please call 256.352.8248 to schedule an appointment.

Who can take ACCUPLACER?

Any student who has completed the application for admission. Students will not be permitted to test if an application for admission has not been submitted.

Can I be exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER?

Students are exempt from ACCUPLACER if:

  • ACT subject score of 17 in English and math.  This allows for placement into ENG 101 & ENG 099 and/or MTH 100 & MTH 099, where the 099 courses provide one hour each week of built-in support. A subject score of 18 or higher allows for placement directly into ENG 101 and/or MTH 100. For this exemption, ACT score is valid for five years.
  • If the ACT score is below 17 or if no ACT scores exist, students can be exempted through their high school GPA and coursework. An overall high school GPA of 2.75 or higher and a grade of C in 12th Grade English and Algebra II provides direct placement into MTH 100/099 and/or ENG 101/099. An overall high school GPA of 2.75 or higher, and a grade of B or higher in 12th Grade English and Algebra II provides direct placement into MTH 100 and/or ENG 101.  For this exemption, GPA and course grades are valid for five years.
  • If ACT and high school GPA and grade markers do not meet the above requirements, Accuplacer assessment must be taken to determine placement for English and Math.

What do I need to bring with me?  
You will need some form of picture ID, such as a driver’s license. Calculators are on the computer, so you will not need to bring one.

Can I bring a parent, friend, or other family member?

While they are welcome to visit campus with you, they will not be allowed in the testing area and will be asked to wait downstairs in the lobby. Keep in mind that knowing someone is waiting on you to finish can cause you to unnecessarily rush through your test.

How long does it take?
It is not timed, but you should allow about 2 hours.

When will I know the results?
Immediately! Results are generated automatically when you finish.

May I take the Assessment again?
Yes, you may test as many times as necessary, but there is a $10 fee for each re-test. Please pay the cashier– bring only the receipt to the computer lab.

Do I have to take both sections?

Not always. You may be exempt from one section, meaning you would only need to take the section for which an exemption does not apply.

What if I’m just not good on the computer? 
No problem! Can you “point and click”? Can you type with at least one finger? Don’t worry, the test is untimed.

Remember…Our wish for you is SUCCESS. We are here to help you obtain your goals!

For additional information contact the Advising Center at 256.352.8040 or 256.352.8248.